Japan Cultural Envoy FY2019
Kabuki actor
  • Worked in The United States of America, Cuba, Mexico
  • Active Period:From November 11 to December 4, 2019
  • Birthplace:Tokyo
  • Birth:June 30, 1955

Academic Background:Graduated from Department of Japanese, Faculty of Letters Ⅱ, Hosei University

After graduating from university in 1972, Kyozo Nakamura joined the Japan Arts Council’s Kabuki Actor Training Center, established by the National Theatre, as a 6th term trainee.
After completing the entire program in 1982, he commenced a professional career as a member of the Nakamura Jakuemon IV family under an acting name Nakamura Kyozo, given by the master. In April 1994, he was promoted to nadai (billboard-ranked actor) at the Kabuki Theatre. While appearing in performances at the Kabuki Theatre and the National Theatre, he has been actively involved in Kabuki lectures and demonstrations organized by the Japan Foundation overseas, including in Europe, the U.S., Oceania, and Southeast Asia. In November 2015, he was certified as a member of the Organization for the Preservation of Kabuki. Currently, he teaches at the Kabuki Actor Training Center at the National Theatre.

[Awards Received]
2002, 2008, 2013, 2015 National Theatre Encouragement Prize
2007 The 13rd Japan Actors’ Association Award
The 62nd New Artist Award of the National Arts Festival 2007 by the Agency for Cultural Affairs , Government of Japan
[Main Performances]
July 1993 Took a main role, Prince Salome in “Salome Kyukyu no Dan” written and directed by Masakatsu Gunji at Tiny Alice in Shinjuku, Tokyo
April 4, 2004 Performed “Fuji Musume” (The Wisteria Maiden) at the Garden Art Creative pavilion in the Pacific Flora 2004 at the Lake Hamanako, Shizuoka Prefecture
August 2004 Gave commentary on the history of Kabuki and actors of female roles and performed the “Sagi Musume” (The Heron Maiden) Kabuki dance in New Zealand and Australia as part of the FY2004 project showcasing Japanese arts and culture by the Japan Foundation
March 2005 Gave a lecture on and demonstration of “Bungo Dojoji” and “Aname-Komachi Henso” for the European Kabuki dance program as part of the FY2004 project showcasing Japanese arts and culture by the Japan Foundation
October 2006 Held “Nakamura Kyozo Sosaku no Yube” (Evening of Creative Work by Nakamura Kyozo). Performed a role in dramatized “Sangetsuki” written by Atsushi Nakajima
November 2006 Organized the Kodomo Kabuki Kyoshitsu (lecture on Kabuki for children) in which he performed “Fuji Musume” at the Kabuki Theatre
October 2007 Held “Nakamura Kyozo Buyo no Yube, Ama Nidai” (Evening for Dance by Nakamura Kyozo, Two Pieces of Ama) at Aoyama Tessen-kai Noh Stage in Tokyo (won the award in the National Arts Festival hosted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs)
February 2008 Gave commentary on Kabuki and performed “Sagi Musume” and “Shakkyo” (stone bridge) in the FY 2007 project showcasing Japanese arts and culture by the Japan Foundation in Indonesia and the Philippines
October 2008 Held “Nakamura Kyozo Buyo no Yube” and performed “Tsuki no Kage” (Shadow of the Moon) and “Aname-Komachi Henso” at Aoyama Tessen-kai Noh Stage in Tokyo
August 2009 Held “Nakamura Kyozo Buyono Yube” and performed “Kane no Misaki” and “Ko Dojoji” at Aoyama Tessen-kai Noh Stage in Tokyo
October 2009 Gave commentary, lectures and demonstrations on Kabuki “Sagi Musume” and “Shakkyo” in Taiwan and the U.S.
October 2010 Participated in the “Kabuki Dance Show in Mexico” in Mexico and other countries in Central America to commemorate the 400th anniversary of exchange between Japan and Mexico, performing “Sagi Musume” and “Shakkyo”
August –September 2012 Participated in an event to commemorate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Israel and performed and gave commentary on “Sagi Musume” and “Shakkyo”
January 2015 Held “Nakamura Kyozo Buyo no Yube” and performed “Bungo Dojoji” and “Ninin Wankyu” (two Wankyus) at the Nihonbashi Koukaido Hall
June, October and November 2017 Performed a role of a witch in “NINAGAWA Macbeth” to commemorate the first anniversary of Yukio Ninagawa’s death in Hong Kong, the U.K. and Singapore
August 2017 Held “Nakamura Kyozo Buyo no Yube” and performed “Yoshinoyama,” (Mt. Yoshino), “Aname” and “Furyu Ukiyo Doko” at the Shibuya Cultural Center Owada