Nanafuku Tamagawa

Japan Cultural Envoy FY2018
Nanafuku Tamagawa
Rokyoku Artist & Shamisen Performer
  • Worked in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Kirghiz and Uzbekistan
  • Active Period:From May 27 to July 10, 2018
  • Birthplace:Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Birth:-
  • Academic background:Graduated from the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Sophia University

In 1994, she entered a shamisen class organized by the Japanese Naniwa-bushi Reciting Association, and in 1995, she became a disciple of Fukutaro Tamagawa. She has been an active rokyoku performer since 2001 with the encouragement of her master. She produced the “Tettei Tenpo Suikoden (complete Tenpo-era Water Margin (Shui Hu Zhuan)) by Fukutaro Tamagawa” five times in total in 2004 and the “Rokyoku Eiyu Retsuden (Rokyoku series of biographies of heroes) by Fukutaro Tamagawa” five times in total in 2005. She appeared in the “Nami to Utaeba (Singing with Nami),” a film directed by Seiichi Motohashi, in 2006. In December the same year, she changed her stage name from Mihoko to Nanafuku and held an announcement ceremony of her new name. She has been producing various rokyoku events, creating new rokyoku pieces and engaging in exchanges with performing arts and music in other genres in a variety of ways. In 2012, she became a director of the Japanese Naniwa-bushi Reciting Association.

2008 Together with an orchestra, performed as the kyogen-mawashi (storyteller) of the La traviata, an opera by Verdi, in the Asakusa Public Hall
2009 Adapted “Shinjuku Oshichi,” originally created by Shuji Terayama, into a rokyoku
2010 Produced the “Gathering of Gidayu-bushi (puppet theater musical narrative) and Naniwa-bushi (means the same as rokyoku),” inviting bunraku (traditional puppet theater performance) performers, Takemoto Chitosedayu and Tsurusawa Seijiro
Started performing “Rokyoku Typhoon!” as a rokyoku and manzai unit (comic duo) named “Atomawa Sisters (back-burner sisters)” with Keiko Haruno
2011 Presented “Onkyoku Hyakunin Isshu (musical ‘Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets’)” in the Ueno Royal Museum
2012 For the memorial service to mark the Centennial Anniversary of the Demise of Emperor Meiji held at the Meiji Shrine, produced, narrated and dedicated a rokyoku titled “Emperor Meiji”
Performed (second performance) the solo start-to-finish oral narration of the long rokyoku titled “Higan Sen-nin-giri no onna (Amorous adventures with 1000 men)”
2013 Appeared for the first time in the NHK East West Rokyoku Contest.
Performed “From Rokyoku to Pansori; From Pansori to Rokyoku –Path of Performing Arts that connects the Peninsular and the Archipelago, Voices on the road–”
Started an Internet radio program titled: Tamagawa Nanafuku no Hotobashiru Radio! (Tamagawa Nanafuku’s gushing radio)”
Gave lectures at Kyoto University of Art and Design as a part-time instructor
2014 For the memorial service to mark the Centennial Anniversary of the Demise of Empress Shoken held at the Meiji Shrine, produced, narrated and dedicated a rokyoku titled “Empress Shoken”
Regularly appeared in the “Shibuya rakugo (comic storytelling)” held in EuroLive in Shibuya
Produced “Noh, Jogi, Ro!,” a collaborative performance of noh, joryu gidayu (Narrative music with the accompaniment of shamisen by women) and rokyoku in Mokubatei
2015 First performance of the mythology, “Inanna no Meikai Kudari (The Descent of Inanna,” as a project hosted by Noboru Yasuda, Noh actor (waki-actor) (Narration/Shamisen)
Appeared in the matinee performance at the Tenman Tenjin Hanjotei, a permanent Kamigata (Kyoto and Osaka region) rakugo theater, as the first rokyoku performer of Tokyo
Performed the “Rokyoku Hatenko Retsuden (a list of biographies of wild figures)” 5 times in total in Mokubatei; Performed rokyoku in Seoul, South Korea
2017 Performed a total of 11 times: “Nanafuku Tamagawa ga Tazuneru Katarigei Perspective (Perspective of narration performances visited by Nanafuku Tamagawa)”
2018 First performance in China (Beijing, Suzhou, Shanghai)
Performance of “The Descent of Inanna,” a Noboru Yasuda Project, in the U.K. and Lithuania
[Website] Nanafuku Nikki (Nanafuku’s diary)

Photo by Yoshinori Mido