Kenichi Yoshida

Japan Cultural Envoy FY2015
Kenichi Yoshida
"Yoshida Brothers", Tsugaru Shamisen player
  • Worked in The Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Portugal
  • Active Period:From March 27 to May 25, 2016
  • Birthplace:Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, Japan
  • Birth:December 16, 1979

Picked up the Japanese traditional musical instrument “Shamisen” at the age of five. After sweeping prizes at National Tsugaru Shamisen Conventions, he made his major debut in 1999 with his older brother Ryoichiro.
He has released 13 albums and other music so far, and marked exceptionally big hits for Japanese traditional music scene. Since he made his U.S. debut in 2003, he has been expanding his field of activities: creating collaborative works with artists from inside and outside Japan, directing theatre music and songs for TV commercial.
Lately he produces “Hayate” a group of top-class young shamisen players while marking a big success in his first solo-live tour at the same time. Today his activities are not limited to the field of Japanese traditional music, but go across world-wide that he is now expected to become a globally successful artist.


1999 Released the first debut album “Ibuki”
2001 Won the “Album of the Year” at the section of Traditional Japanese music,15th Japan Gold Disc Award
2003 Released “Yoshida Brothers” the first debut album in the U.S.
2004 Attended the Opening ceremony of opening game of MLB
2005 A song “Sprouting” was used in a trailer of a movie “SAYURI”
2006 First tour in North America; Begun performing overseas/A song “Kodo-Inside the Sun Remix-” was used for a Nintendo “Wii” TV commercial in the U.S.
2010 Released an official song for Shanghai Expo“Re…Japanesuque / DAISHI DANCE×Yoshida Brothers”
2012 Released the greatest hits album; “Best of Yoshida Brothers I: 1999~2004” and “Best of Yoshida Brothers II; 2005~2009” and started to distribute worldwide (EU, South America and Australia; in total 22 countries)
2014 Released the latest album “Horizon”; marked a big success in “The First Solo Live Tour”