YAMAI Tsunao

Japan Cultural Envoy FY2014
YAMAI Tsunao
Noh Actor in Komparu School
  • Worked in France, the United States and Canada
  • Active Period:From February 1 to March 15, 2015
  • Birthplace:Kanagawa Pref.
  • Birth:Born in 1973
  • Academic background:Kokugakuin University, faculty of literature

He received an instruction from the last KOMPARU Nobutaka: the 79th family head, KOMPARU Yasuaki: the 80th family head of the present, and TOMIYAMA Noriko. He first appeared on stage at the age of five, under the influence of his grandfather (UMEMURA Heishiro).
At the age of 12, he played as a leading actor –shite- in Tsunemasa. Ever since, he has been performing in famous plays such as Midare, Shakkyou, Mochizuki, Dojoji, Okina, Syouzon and Ataka .

  • Member of the group of Komparu school actors “Za-SQUARE”
  • Member of the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Association “Ibuki-no-kai”
  • Lecturer of NHK cultural centre at Aoyama School, and JR East Japan “Otona no Kyujitsu club”
  • Part-time teacher at Tourei Gakuen Fujisawa Junior High School
  • Member of the unit group “Enishi” with the Jazz pianist KIHARA Kentaro
  • Member of performance, promotional performance at schools, and lectures throughout Japan


1998 The contemporary play festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.
2002,2005 The Noh performance in the United States.
2012 The Japan Culture Expo in Paris, France.
2012~14 The Noh performance in Canada. (as the leader of cultural envoys which invited by the Consul General of Japan in Vancouver).
2013 The Noh performance in NYC.

All of which illustrates his endeavor to develop overseas popularity of Noh.