Japan Cultural Envoy FY2014
Taiko Drummer
  • Worked in The United States, Trinidad and Tobago and Cuba
  • Active Period:From September 25 to November 4, 2014
  • Birthplace:Hiroshima Pref.
  • Birth:Born in 1952

While having a world tours as a top player of the two groups: “Sado-Ondekoza” and “Kodo (Drum Kids)”, which he took a part in their establishment, he composed and arranged his major repertory music. After performing in the groups for 11 years, he became independent as a soloist in 1982. Ever since, he has developed a totally new area as a Taiko(Japanese Drum) soloist through creating a play style which did not exist in the tradition of Odaiko(Large Japanese Drum), and another unique style to play various drums at the same time. He has found his original expression of drum play as a new type of music from Japan to the world. He has been keep challenging to create new works and taking an active role in and outside of Japan; his activities cross borders of music categories and even nations.


1982 Started working as a soloist of Taiko Drummer.
1984 Performed as the first soloist of Japanese drum at Carnegie Hall in the United States
1998 Began making theatrical plays and started the concert tour.
1997 Received the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts.
2000 Performed with Berlin Phil at Waldbuhne in Germany.
2001 Received Japanese Culture Promotion Award.
2004 Appointed as the guest professor at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music.
2005 Gave a special program as an annual special lecture at Tokyo University of the Arts
2007 Held an anniversary concert with an orchestra for celebrating his 25th solo work in Tokyo.
2009 Gave a special program as an annual special lecturer at Tsukuba University Graduate School
2012 Held the cerebration concert for his 40 years of performance.
2013 Received Honorary Citizen Award of Shoubara City, Hiroshima