Manabu Makime

East Asian Cultural Exchange Envoy FY2017
Manabu Makime
  • Worked in Korea
  • Active Period:From December 14 to 20, 2017
  • Birthplace:Osaka
  • Birth:February 27, 1976
  • Academic background:the Faculty of Law, Kyoto University

After graduating from the university, he worked in a chemical fiber company. Then, Mr. Makime debuted as a novelist by receiving 4th Boiled Eggs Award New Author Award for his novel “Kamogawa Horumo” published in 2006 His other novels are as follows: “The Fantastic Deer-Man,” “Horumo Rokkei,” “Princess Toyotomi,” “Kanoko Chan to Madeleine Fujin,” “The Great Shu Ra Ra Boom,” “Toppin Parari no Pootaro ,” “Gojo Shuttatsu,” “Baberu Kuzaku” and “Permanent Shin Kigeki.”

He has also written essays such as “the Man-pokei,” “the Man-yuki” and “the Man-ji-gatame.”
Many of his works are made into movies, TV dramas and stages. His writing style: putting fantastic and extraordinary experiences into existing things and everyday affairs is popularly called the “Makime World.”

His interest is also in modern architecture. The book titled “Bokura-no Kindai Kenchiku Delux!” shows how Mr. Yoshinobu Kadoi, novelist and co-author of the book, and he visited various still-standing modern buildings built by Japanese not only in Japan but also in Taiwan. Currently, he is writing a serial novel “Hitokoburakuda So Zetto,” for Shousetsu Gento, a monthly literary magazine, and an essay “Makime Manabu no Jinseiron Note,” for Shukan Bunshun, a weekly magazine.

photo by YujiHongo