Chikara Fujiwara

East Asian Cultural Exchange Envoy FY2017
Chikara Fujiwara
theater critic, the director of BricolaQ
  • Worked in China
  • Active Period:From January 11 to 26, 2018
  • Birthplace:Kochi
  • Birth:May 30, 1977
  • Academic background:College of Law and Politics, Rikkyo University

Mr. Chikara Fujiwara is a BricolaQ organizer. Now he is mainly based in Yokohama and Kyoto, and working actively in overseas such as Philippines, Taiwan, China, South Korea and Germany as a critic and an artist. His interest is focusing on connecting things by overcoming a lot of obstacles existing in this world.                
He started living in Tokyo by himself at age 12. After graduating from the University, he experienced a variety of jobs such as a welfare facility worker for physically challenged persons, a consultant at town and urban planning office, a used bookshop staff and a member in a publishing company, after that became a freelancer. He edited a magazine “ex-po”, “mauleaf” a PR magazine of Musashino Art University and “CarroMag,” of the Setagaya Public Theatre.

Soon Mr. Fujiwara started writing various articles, mainly reviews of contemporary plays. Ms. Kyoko Tokunaga and he are coauthoring “Engeki Saikyo-ron: New Currents in Japanese Contemporary Theater” (Asukashinsha Publishing, 2013), moreover, running a website “Engeki Saikyo-ron-ing” sponsored by Lawson HMV Entertainment, Inc. He monthly appears on an NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Yokohama broadcasting station’s radio program “Yokohama Sound ☆ Cruise”, gives lectures on theater reviews (2015-2017) at the Kanazawa Citizen’s Art Center, and talks on Japanese contemporary stages in Beijing and Shanghai, 2016 and also Düsseldorf ,2017 as well.

In 2015, He served as a program director at the Honmoku Art Project. He is also interested in training young artists therefore involved in the Asian Performing Arts Festival 2015 Art Camp Forum and the KARNABAL X 2017 (held in the Philippines). What is more, he has operated the Artist Collective “Detectives in a harbor” at the blanClass in Yokohama since 2017.

He has been working also as an artist since 2014 and creating “ENGEKI QUEST,” a series of flaneur style tour-performances in Yokohama and other locations such as Kinosaki Onsen, Manilla, Düsseldorf and Ansan. A performance titled “Woman In A Port” was played at the KARNABAL 2017 in Manilla. He participated in the ADAM Lab held in Taipei 2017 and staged “IsLand Bar” with artists from around the world.

Mr. Fujiwara has been a senior fellow of the Saison Foundation since fiscal 2017.


Photo by Cheryl Who