NUKATA Masashi

East Asian Cultural Exchange Envoy FY2019
NUKATA Masashi
Composer and Director
  • Worked in Korea
  • Active Period:TBA
  • Birthplace:Tokyo

Academic Background: Graduated from the Department of Musical Creativity and the Environment, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts

 In 2012, while in university, he formed an eight-piece band—Tokyo Shiokouji. Revolving around the repetition, decomposition, and restructuring of sounds, their original music drew attention for perfect musical score structure. Tokyo Shiokouji was selected for the DIM. Audition 2016 held by Disk Union. Their first album “FACTORY” which was released in 2017, was praised by the New York-based composer Mr. Steve Reich as the work of a “great live band.” The band performed at the FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ’18 in 2018.
 Mr. Nukata formed Nuthmique, a performing arts group, in 2016. Departing from the question “What is performance?”, his scripts and stage direction that expanded the framework of performing arts through a musical background garnered attention. The play, “The Town Thereafter,” received the 16th AAF Drama Award, and he won the Best Stage Director Award at the Komaba Agora Stage Director Competition 2018 for his direction of a classical drama.
 Moreover, Mr. Nukata published his first novel “To Be Animals” in Higeki Kigeki (Hayakawa Shobo) in June 2019. He has also created music for advertisements such as JR Tokai’s “Let’s Go to Kyoto” and for stage performances such as The Bacchae−Holstein Milk Cows by Satoko Ichihara (Aichi Triennale 2019). His activities cross the domains of music and performing arts. He is a recipient of the 2019 Arts Commission Yokohama Creative Children Fellowship.


Photo by mai comura/ takaramahaya

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