Yasuhiro Kasamatsu

Japan Cultural Envoy FY2018
Yasuhiro Kasamatsu
Music Composer
  • Worked in The United Kingdom, Austria, Ecuador, Chile, Peru and Argentina (tentative)
  • Active Period:From middle of November, 2018 to middle of February, 2019 (tentative)
  • Birthplace:Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture
  • Birth:January 11, 1960
  • Academic background:Graduated from the Department of Aesthetics, Faculty of Letters, The University of Tokyo

He studied music composition under the late Akira Miyoshi, piano under the late Miyoko Goldberg Yamane and oboe under the late Isamu Iwasaki. He composes and releases a variety of music from chamber music to musical and operatic tunes. Moreover, he provides music for theatrical plays such as those by the late Yukio Ninagawa, dance works by Kaiji Moriyama and Motoko Hirayama, video works for movies and TV shows and many others. Recently, he was in charge of the music for “The Little Prince,” a musical play (2015-2016; Co-produced by Art Tower Mito and other public halls; Script and stage direction by Go Aoki); “The Battleship Musashi,” an NHK special TV drama (2016; Script and direction by Sakae Okazaki); “Hybrid” (2016; Produced by the New National Theatre, Tokyo; Choreography and performance by Motoko Hirayama; Participated in the San Sebastian 2016); “Kami-no-ko Kanjincho (God’s child contributors’ list) (2017; Produced by Ishikawa Ongakudo; Choreography and performance by Kaiji Moriyama); and “Chushingura (The Treasury of Loyal Retainers)” (2017; Shinbashi Enbujo). In 2018, he will be in charge of the music for “Shakespeare in Love” (Shiki Theatre Company) and for the performance preceding the ceremony of the 73rd National Sports Festival. He plays oboe and oboe-like ethnic musical instruments (zurna, mey) and participates in various recordings and live performances. He is also an active member of the Sakura Band, New Orient School, and is affiliated with the Crystal Arts, Inc.

[Website] http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/synlogue

Photo by Shibata