Michikazu Taneda

Japan Cultural Envoy FY2017
Michikazu Taneda
Kongoh School Noh Actor
  • Worked in The United States, France, Spain, Italy and Hungary
  • Active Period:From January 20 to March 15, 2018
  • Birthplace:Kyoto Prefecture
  • Birth:February 1, 1954
  • Academic background:Graduated from the College of Social Sciences of Ritsumeikan University

He is a member of the fourth generation of the Taneda Family, as a shokubun (the title given to the professional Noh performers at the highest level) family of the Kongō School of Noh. He received the Best Young Artist Award by City of Kyoto in 1993, and was designated as Important Intangible Cultural Heritage (General Certification) in 1998. He has lectured on Noh at the Urasenke Gakuen since 1981. He actively promotes Noh by providing a trial lesson course for elementary school students and through other activities.
He is also as a director of the Nohgaku Performers’ Association, Vice-Director of the Kongoh School of Noh, Urasenke Chado (tea ceremony master name: Sōdō) and the Chair for Noh Performance of the Taneda Supporters’ Association.

1959 First stage performance of shimaiShōjō” at age 5
1975 Performed “Syakkyou,” followed by “Midare,” “Mochizuki,” “Dōjōji,” “Sotoba Komachi,” and others
1993 Received the New Artist Award by Kyoto City
1998 Designated as a holder of Important Intangible Cultural Heritage (General Certification)


[Overseas performance]
1984 First overseas performance by the Kongō School of Noh in Canada and the U.S.
1987 Performance at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C.
1988 Performance at the Sydney Opera House
1992 Performance by the Kongō School of Noh in Portland in Japan Week
1993 Performance as part of the cultural introduction program in Israel in Japan Week
2007 Guest appearance for the performance by Michishige Udaka of the Kongoh School of Noh as part of the international cultural exchange program by the Agency for Cultural Affairs (Maison de la Culture du Japon a Paris for its tenth anniversary, Staatskapelle Dresden (current Semper Oper), RBB Funkhaus Berlin)
2010 Overseas performance program by the Japan Foundation in Spain and Portugal
2012 Performance for “Autumn in Japan Festival” in Moscow


[Author/Book] Noh to Cha-no-yu (Noh and tea ceremony) (Tankosha, 2002)
[Website URL] http://www.kongou-net.com/
(* Homepage of “Kongoh Nohgakudou”)