FUJITA Rokurobyoue

Japan Cultural Envoy FY2015
FUJITA Rokurobyoue (passed away on September 1, 2018)
Noh Flute Player / 11th Generation Master, Fujita School of Noh Flute
  • Countries visited: The United Kingdom, France and Korea
  • Period of the activities:From February 23 to March 30, 2016
  • Birthplace:Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
  • Birth:1953
  • Academic background:Nagoya Junior College of Music,Vocal Music Course

He was born as a grandson of the 10th head of Fujita School in Nagoya. Started learning the traditional flute at the age of 4, and made his stage debut when he was 5. By the exceptionally young age of 15, he was on the stage of main plays of Noh (“Sagimidare”, “Syoujoumidare” and “Okina” and so on). He became the head of the school in 1980, and succeeded the name

“Rokurobyoue” in 1982. He was appointed as an Important Intangible Cultural Property in “Nohgaku”.He is also familiar with the Western music and majored in vocal music at college. After he graduated, he worked as an assistant in the Opera studying classes at his old school.

In 2006, he released the album “Tenchi Yu-yu (eternal heaven and earth)” and it was a collaboration work with popular music and the Noh Flute.


1985 Won the Nagoya City Arts Encouragement Award
2001 Participated in an anniversary performance at UNESCO(Paris), by receiving the Declaration of UNESCO World Intangible Heritage
2003 Played at Japan Cultural Center in Paris(Maison de la culture du Japon a Paris), together with the performance of Mr. Schneider (Poet)
2004 Participated in the first official overseas performances of Nohgaku Performers’ Association (New York, Washington)
2005 Directed “Everything about Noh and Kyogen –Blossom in Full Glory: beyond 1000 years of Tradition” at 2005 World Expo in Aichi, Nagoya
2011 Won the 66th Annual grand prize of Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs Arts Festival(Performing section)
2012 Won the 65th Chunichi cultural Award
2013 Played at Noh Festival in Chateau de Fere, France
2014 Played “Sambaso” at Singapore international festival of arts 2014



FUJITA Rokurobyoue (passed away on September 1, 2018) report

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