Toshiki Okada

Japan Cultural Envoy FY2014
Toshiki Okada
Director / Writer / Novelist
  • Worked in China, Korea and Thailand
  • Active Period:From January 12 to March 2, 2015
  • Birthplace:Kanagawa Pref.
  • Birth:Born in 1973
  • Academic background:Keio University, Faculty of Commerce

Since he formed the theater company “chelfitsch” in 1997, Mr. Okada has written and directed all of the company’s productions. His unique method to connect verbal and physical expression has been attracting attention from all over the world as it is regarded as to overturn the existing concept of theater arts. He keeps improving his methodology, and since his work “Current Location” in 2012, he has been trying to create a work through pursuing fiction. He also has quite a few experiences as a lecturer; giving workshops and lectures at Japanese universities.


1997 Established “chelfitsch” and started working, settled in Yokohama as his activity base.
2001 Began using some “youngster” words in “Behold Their Hopes!”.
2004 Began using body expression exaggerating normal behavior of daily life in “Five Days in March
2005 Won the 49th Kishida Kunio Drama Award for “Five Days in March”.
Nominated for his dance work “Air Conditioner [Cooler]” as a choreographer (finalist) in “TOYOTA CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD 2005 ~excavation choreography of leading the next generation~”.
Won the Yokohama Cultural Award/Yokohama Award for Art and Cultural Encouragement.
2006 Participated in a play write festival “Stuecke’06/International Literature Project in the course of the Football World Cup 2006” in Mulheim, Germany as a representative of Japanese play writer.
Appointed as a director for the stage festival “summit” at the Komaba Agora Theater (General producer,HIRATA Oliza).
2007 Published his first collection of stories “The End of the Special Time We Were Allowed” from SHINCHOSHA Publishing.
Won the Culture and Future Prize in the 56th Kanagawa Culture and Sports Award.
2008 Won the 2nd Kenzaburo Oe Prize for “The End of the Special Time We Were Allowed”
2012- Serving as a judge for Kishida Kunio Opera Award
2013 Published his first book on theatrology from Kawade Shobo Shinsha.