Takuya Murakawa

East Asia Cultural Envoy FY2016
Takuya Murakawa
Stage Director
  • Worked in China
  • Active Period:From November 8 to 21, 2016
  • Birth:April 2, 1982
  • Academic background:Kyoto University of Art and Design

Murakawa belonged to a theater group “Chiten” as an assistant director until 2009, when he started as an independent director to present works in various fields using documentary and fieldwork methods.

Career summary:
2011 “Zeitgeber” (F/T11 public invitation program)
2012 “Out to sea” (documentary film)
2013 “Rashomon” at AAF Regional Theater 2013
2014 “Everett Ghost Lines” at KYOTO EXPERIMENT 2014

2005 Encouragement Prize from the Department of Film Production and Performing Arts , Kyoto University of Art and Design with a documentary film “Nuisance – ambivalence and confusion”

Website: http://murakawatakuya.blogspot.jp/