Kazufusa Hosho

East Asia Cultural Envoy FY2016
Kazufusa Hosho
The 20th head of Hosho Noh School
  • Worked in China
  • Active Period:From December 5 to 15, 2016
  • Birthplace:Tokyo
  • Birth:January 8, 1986
  • Academic background:Department of Traditional Japanese Music of Tokyo University of the Arts

Hosho was born in Tokyo as the 20th generation of Hosho Noh School, one of the biggest Noh schools. He graduated from the Department of Traditional Japanese Music of Tokyo University of the Arts. While placing an emphasis on traditional methods of staging, he directs Noh performances and revives ancient Noh music pieces. In addition to his role as a Noh actor, he works in a managerial position to produce new values of Noh play in the present age. He performs in Tokyo, Kanazawa and many places throughout Japan and also expands his horizon to overseas, mainly in Italy.

He presides over “WANOKAI” and “Dramatic Reading Noh Theater”

Major performances: Hosho-kai regular performances, Kanazawa Hosho-kai, Toyama Hosho-kai, Nagoya Hosho-kai, Osaka Shippo-kai, Kyushu Hosho-kai, Yamagata Shonai Noh Theater, Shizuoka/Niigata Noh performance, Takigi Noh (Noh play performed at night lit up by bonfires) performances including Night Cherry Blossom Viewing Noh Theater at Yasukuni Shrine.

Kagoshima National Culture Festival (2015), Expo Milano (2015), the 21st Triennale di Milano (2016), “Japan Orfeo,” the 150th anniversary project of Japan-Italy diplomatic relations (2016)

Website: http://hosho-kazufusa.tumblr.com/